Advanced Antenna Laboratory (AAL)

  • Metamaterials and composite right-/left-handed transmission lines
    Frequency-Agile Compact CRLH Asymmetric-CPS Resonant Antenna 陳士元 DSC00834
  • Microwave imaging


  • Phased arrays
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  • Reconfigurable antennas
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  • RF energy harvesting
    rectenna rectenna
  • Self-structuring microwave devices (cooperation with Prof. Edward Rothwell of MSU)


ADVISER: Shih-Yuan Chen (陳士元)


Department of Electrical Engineering & Graduate Institute of Communication Engineering, National Taiwan University (NTU), Taiwan
Office: Room 548, EE Building 2
  • Ph.D. in Communication Engineering (2005), NTU
  • MS in Communication Engineering (2002), NTU
  • B.S. in Electrical Engineering (2000), NTU
Honors & Awards
  • Selected as Outstanding Associated Editor of IEEE AWPL in 2020.
  • NTU Outstanding Mentoring Award in 2020.
  • NTU Excellent Teaching Awards in 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015.
  • Ministry of Science and Technology Research Projects for Excellent Young Scholars in 2012, 2015, and 2017
  • 2013/2014 Top 10 Reviewers of IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation
  • 2012 International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation Young Scientist Travel Grant
Membership & Services
  • IEEE Senior member
  • Member of IET
  • Member of Commission B of URSI
  • Associate Director, Division of Faculty Development of Center for Teaching and Learning Development, NTU. 2019/8~
  • Associate Editor of IEEE Antennas and Wireless Propagation Letters (AWPL)
  • Editorial Board Member for International Journal of Antennas and Propagation
  • Member of Education Committee of IEEE AP Society
  • Associate Chairperson of Dept. EE of NTU, 2016/8-2019/7
  • Chairperson of IEEE AP-S Taipei Chapter, 2018/1-2019/12
  • Vice-Chair of IEEE AP-S Taipei Chapter, 2016/1-2017/12
  • Counselor of IEEE Student Branch at NTU. 2017/1-2019/12
  • TPC Chair of 2021 International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation (ISAP 2021)
  • Secretariat of 2016 IEEE International Symposium on Radio-Frequency Integration Technology
  • Finance Chair of 2013 Asia-Pacific Radio Science Conference


200610 Group_meeting


Current Ph.D. students
  • Kai-Cheng Chi (紀凱程): embedded antenna design
  • Deng-Yin Wang (王登胤): broadband dual-band waveguide polarizer
  • Robin Jeanty (簡羅斌): beam-forming array for 5G applications
  • Hsiu-Ping Liao (廖修平): mmW antenna/array based on LCD process
  • Sheng-Wei Wu (吳聖偉): beam-forming network design based on CRLH transmission lines
  • Ian Huang (黃慕召): integration and characterization of ESR control and readout circuitries for spin-based qubit
  • Louis-Charles Ippet-Letembet (歐祿益): hybrid analysis of multiferroic antennas
Current M.S. students
  • Chin-Lung Liao (廖金隆): Dual-Linearly-Polarized Printed Dual-Dipole Antenna Array and Its Application in Polarimetric Radar System
  • Hsin-Ju Chen (陳心如): polarization-reconfigurable antennas on package
  • Yi-Lin Lee (李奕霖): one-bit beam-steerable transmitarray
  • Hsu-Chi Chen (陳徐麒): enhanced phase compensation method for microwave imaging
  • Kuan-Ting Chen (陳冠廷): antenna design for harmonic radar system
  • Ting-Yi Yeh (葉庭懿): leakage-reduced transmission line and transition for integration with qubit chip
  • Chiung-Yu Chen (陳炯佑): on/off-chip ESR structure for spin-based qubit manipulation
  • Kung (孔令昀): antenna and array design for THz imaging system
  • Shen (沈昶劭): phased array for multi-directional radar of UAVs (cooperation with Prof. Kun-You Lin of NTU)
  • Lin (林庭揚): phaseless microwave imaging based on Kirchhoff migration
Visiting Professor
International internship/exchange students
  • [2018/5-2018/8] Mr. Elmis FARAH, Universite Paris-Sud, France
  • [2019/7-2019/8] Mr. Leopold ROUZIER, ENSEEIHT, France
Past Ph.D. students
  • [2011/1] Ju-Hung Chen (陳如弘): HP
    Design of Leakage Suppressed Conductor-Backed Coplanar Waveguide and Its Antenna Applications
  • [2012/6] Yen-Sheng Chen (陳晏笙): NTUT
    Application of Design of Experiments and Evolutionary Algorithms to Self-Structuring Electromagnetic Scatterer and Optimization of Antenna Structures
  • [2013/6] Shih-Chia Chiu (邱詩家): MTK
    Dual-Band and Frequency-Agile, Compact Composite Right/Left-Handed Transmission Line Antennas Using Novel Termination Circuits
  • [2013/6] Chien-Pai Lai (賴建伯): HP
    Miniaturization and Impedance Matching of Coplanar Waveguide-fed Slot Antennas
  • [2015/6] Liang-Yu Ou Yang (歐陽良昱): NCSIST
    A Planar and Subwavelength Open Guided Wave Structure Based on Spoof Surface Plasmons
  • [2015/8] Wan-Ting Hung (洪琬婷): NCSIST
    Circularly-Polarized Beam-Steering Reflectarray
  • Chun-Chih Liu (劉峻志): HP
    An Efficient Design Methodology of Dual-Band Reflectarray with Single Linear Polarization Based on Resonator Models and Grouping Technique
  • [2018/1] Cheng-Hao Tsai (蔡政豪):
    Three-Dimensional Microwave Holographic Imaging with Probe and Phase Compensations
Past M.S. students
  • [2008/6] Bing-Hsiao Wang (汪秉孝): Quanta
    Broadband Slot Array Fed by a Microstrip Line
  • [2008/6] Yu-Lin Shih (施佑霖):
    60-GHz Sequentially-Rotated Circularly-Polarized Array Antennas
  • [2009/7] Hsiao-Wei Wu (吳曉薇): Google
    Broadband, Sequentially-Rotated Slot Array with Beam-Switching Capability
  • [2009/7] Chun-Wei Tseng (曾俊維): Lenovo
    Miniaturized Slot Antenna with Frequency Tunability
  • [2010/1] Tsung-Yen Ho (何宗諺)
    Analysis of Backscattered Field of RFID Tag Antennas and Its Application in Metal-Mount Tags
  • [2010/6] Shin-Yui Chang (張馨予): Hon Hai
    Design of Microstrip Diplexer and Dual-Band Filter Using Quarter-Wavelength Stepped-Impedance Resonators
  • [2010/6] Siou-Yi Shen (沈修毅): MTK
    Design of Frequency-Agile, Wearable Antenna Using High-Impedance Surface
  • [2011/6] Jui-Ching Hsu (徐睿擎)
    Design of Miniaturized Embedded Antenna for Long Term Evolution
  • [2011/6] Min-Da Chiou (邱敏達)
    Split-Ring Resonator Structure Electrically Small Antenna
  • [2011/6] Chiung-Hao Chiu (邱炯豪): Fusion @New Zealand
    Design of Broadband, High Gain Microstrip Patch Antennas for Microwave Virus Sanitizer
  • [2011/8] Chiung-Hao Chiu (童俊超): MTK
    Design and Applications of Broadband Slot Ring Antenna
  • [2012/6] Wei-Hsiang Chou (周瑋翔)
    Applications of Optimization Techniques to Designs of Ultra-Wideband Planar Monopole Antennas
  • [2012/6] Ming-Hsien Cheng (鄭銘賢): Google
    Design and Analysis of 2.4-GHz and 60-GHz Antennas on Package
  • [2012/6] Jen-Jung Tung (董人龍)
    Dualband Reflectarray Using Frequency Selective Surface
  • [2013/6] Li-Yuan Fang (方俐媛): TSMC
    Self-Structuring Electromagnetic Scatterer Using a Conductor-Backed Template
  • [2013/12] Jyun-Yuan Cheng (鄭鈞元): MTK
    Design of Wideband, High-Gain Antennas on Package
  • [2014/6] Chin-Chia Chang (張晉嘉): Phison
    Probe-Compensated Microwave Holographic Imaging
  • [2014/6] Hsin-Jou Huang (黃心柔): NCSIST
    Miniaturized Loop Antennas with Frequency Agility
  • [2014/12] Bingzhang Tsai (蔡秉璋):
    A Continuously Beam-Steerable Patch Array Using Variable Reactive Load
  • [2015/6] Shih-An Yang (楊世安): MTK
    Three Reconfigurable Slot Antennas Realized by Varactor Diodes
  • [2016/1] Hui-Hsin Wu (吳蕙心): Phison
    Non-Foster Circuits Realized by Transistor Negative-Impedance Converters
  • [2016/2] Yang Lu (呂暘): ASUS
    A Polarization- and Pattern-Reconfigurable Self-Adaptive Antenna System
  • [2016/7] Tzu-Heng Cheng (程子恆): MTK
    Wireless Environmental Sensor System for Advanced Greenhouse Application
  • [2016/7] Chien-Hao Chiu (邱健豪): Phison
    Calculation of Radiation Efficiency in Characteristic Modes Analysis — Case Study of Chassis Antenna
  • [2017/1] Robin Jeanty (簡羅斌): Ph.D. student in AAL
    An Enhanced Slot Loop Antenna using a Metasurface and Varactors
  • [2017/7] Jen-Kuei Tsai (蔡仁貴): MTK
    Dual-Band Slot Antenna Arrays Based on Composite Right-/Left-Handed Transmission Lines
  • [2017/7] Ping-Hsueh Wu (吳秉學): AOI
    Design of Beam-Steerable Dual-Beam Reflectarray
  • [2018/7] Je-Ruei Bai (白哲睿): ASUS
    Polarimetric Radar and Entropy Applied to Target Identification and Criterions for Radar Antenna Design
  • [2018/7] Yen-Ting Lin (林彥廷): WNC
    Polarization-Agile Slot Ring Antenna and Its Application in Self-Adaptive Antenna System
  • [2018/7] Bo-Kai Yang (楊博凱):
    High-Accuracy, Low-Loss Digital Attenuator with Differential Feed Using 0.18-μm CMOS Process
  • [2019/6] Tzu-Yu Hsia (夏紫瑀): MTK
    Design of Differentially-Fed Low Noise Amplifier and Digital Attenuators for S-Band Radar RF-SoC Using 0.18-μm CMOS Process
  • [2019/7] Rue-Fu Xu (許瑞福):
    Broadband Polarization Control of Bulk Acoustic Wave-Mediated Multiferroic Antenna Based on Thickness Shear Modes (cooperation with Prof. Rob Candler of UCLA)
  • [2019/7] Louis-Charles Ippet-Letembet (歐祿益): Ph.D. student in AAL
    Analysis of a Frequency Selective Surface by the Equivalent Circuits (cooperation with Prof. Nathalie RAVEU of ENSEEIHT)

圖片1 10321564_1493294054234607_3835749764648362288_o
  • 1st Prize in the 2020 IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society (AP-S) Student Design Contest. The winning entry is entitled “Wearable Trojan Radar System”  by Yun-Ying Chan, Huan-Ting Chen, Ting-Chia Hsu, Shih-Ming Huang, and Wa-Kin Lei
  • 2nd Prize for the Best Student Paper Award of the 2019 IEEE Radio and Antenna Days of the Indian Ocean (RADIO). (Robin Jeanty and Shih-Yuan Chen, “Parasitic Phase Contribution of a Double-Sided Parallel Stripline Phase Inverter”)
  • 1st Prize of Student Design Competition (Track D) in 2018 APMC (Tzu-Yu Hsia)
  • Selected as an HONORABLE MENTION in the 2018 IEEE AP-S Student Paper Competition. (Hsinju Chen and Shih-Yuan Chen, “A Polarization-Agile Stub-Loaded Square Patch Antenna with Proximity Coupled Feed”)
  • Selected as an HONORABLE MENTION in the 2017 IEEE AP-S Student Paper Competition. (Jen-Kuei Tsai and Shih-Yuan Chen, “Dual-Band Broadside Slot Array with Corporate-Series-Feed Based on CRLH Microstrip Line”)
  • 碩士畢業生蔡仁貴榮獲中國電機工程學會106年青年論文獎第三名。
  • 指導大學部專題生張燿均、戴敬倫、吳庭瑋、蕭智遠參加 2017全國大專創意電磁實作競賽,榮獲現場設計組佳作。
  • 指導專題生陳心如參加 2016全國大專創意電磁實作競賽,榮獲第三名。作品名稱:布魯斯特角與消失的極化
  • 指導專題生簡翌、黃璿諭、逄錦人參加 2015全國大專創意電磁實作競賽,榮獲第一名。作品名稱:電磁波極化之合成與視覺化
  • 指導專題生程子恆、江承軒參加 2014 年臺大電機系大學部精專獎,榮獲首獎。作品名稱:Designs of Two Miniaturized UHF RFID Tag Antennas Based on Shorted Patch and Split-Ring-Resonator-Loaded Short Dipole。
  • 博士畢業生歐陽良昱榮獲電信所103學年度最佳博士學位論文獎。
  • 碩士畢業生張晉嘉榮獲中國電機工程學會103年青年論文獎第三名。
  • 本團隊所開發之天線模組教材獲選為102年度 教育部 資訊及科技教育司 網路通訊人才培育先導型計畫 優良教材獎 優等。
  • 1st Prize in the 2012 IEEE Antennas and Propagation Society (AP-S) Student Design Contest. The winning entry is entitled “Rattlesnake Antenna System”  by Shih-An Yang, Chin-Chia Chang, Bingzhang Tsai, and Li-Yuan Fang
  • Identified as one of the student paper finalist in the 2009 IEEE Radio and Wireless Symposium. (Shih-Chia Chiu, Shih-Yuan Chen, and Powen Hsu, “Miniaturized Composite Right/Left-Handed Coplanar Waveguide Antenna for Dual-Band Operation”)




Special thanks to ANSYS for providing us with the EM simulation tools and technical supports.

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The Advanced Antenna Laboratory (AAL) has been focusing on the development of antennas and microwave circuits and systems. Currently, we have 6 Ph.D. students and 10 M.S. students in our lab. In addition to research grants from the MOST (科技部), we also have collaboration projects with ASUS (華碩), AUO (友達), NCSIST (中科院), and TSMC (台積電). If you are interested in the fields of electromagnetics, antennas, and RF circuits and systems, please contact us.
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